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An educational and motivational reading magic show

                 Chris Lopez presents “Read for the Win” an educational reading magic show. This 45-minute show educates students about the importance of reading using magic as a tool to demonstrate how reading can trigger ones imagination and bring books to life. He also shares an easy to remember acronym his teacher taught him, R.E.A.D. = Read, Everyday, And Discover.

Sharing his experience as a child who had trouble reading, Chris explains that visiting a library and discovering a book on magic motivated him to want to read. He would practice every day reading the magic book and practicing what he read. This improved his memory, comprehension, and imagination, which in turn helped make him a better and more focused student in school, taught him the importance of studying, and the use of imagination to create original and fun routines for his magic shows.

“Read for the Win” is Chris’s most popular elementary school and library show for the past three years. This show is full of interactive magic, music, laughter, and most importantly education. This show highly inspires children to discover a book and READ.

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“Project C.A.L.M.”

Educating students how to handle a bully situation

                  The year is 2027 and bullying has taking over the world. A small group of people, still believe that kindness can rule the world again. Their Commander decides to implement “Project C.A.L.M.” = Cool down, Assert yourself, Look them in the eye, and Mean what you say and then walk away, is the last resort of helping mankind from a full bullying take over. The Commander and her Captain, Captain Chris who is a magician, discover that the year 2018 is when bullying is beginning to slowly take over. She orders Capt. Chris to be teleported back to the year 2018 and train young recruits in Project C.A.L.M.. Capt. Chris has 45 minutes to train the recruits in three areas.

  1. Positivity & Encouragement: such as telling another recruit good morning, great job, or a simple wave and hello and asking, how are you?
  2. Identifying a bullying situation: An unwanted action or negative speech that is continuously repeated by a person or persons.
  3. Implementing C.A.L.M.: Defusing the bullying situation calmly and safely that they or a friend may find themselves in. 


During course of the training Capt. Chris will use magic to help explain and demonstrate how to accomplish the three areas, and how to notify top leaders in their area, so the appropriate action may be taken. Once certified, the trained recruits can go and spread the word of C.A.L.M. and help educate others of what to do in a bullying situation, and the recruits can positively change the future for mankind.


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