Chris Lopez presents: Family Comedy Magic Show

Award Winning Family Comedy Magic Show

Strolling & Close-up Magic 
Bring the intimate fun part of magic to your next event and enjoy personal up close magic. 
This show brings the magic directly to your guests. Together they can experience magic in their very own hands and as well as an amazing array of miracles right before their eyes.


Whether you are having a employee appreciation event or rolling out a new product, Chris will make your event the talk of the week. 

He can custom make his show to debut a new product, or highlight your company success. 

Whether you want him to emcee throughout the evening and perform a few magic pieces, or he can perform a 45 to 60 minute full comedy magic show he can tailor the perfect show to begin or end your event. 

Chris is guaranteed to have your employees and guests laughing and in awe at the same time. 

Family Comedy Stage Show 
One of California's busiest entertainers has been thrilling audiences around the country for over 20 years. His interactive family comedy magic show provides a non stop ride of amazement, clean entertainment, and laughs. 
This show is perfect for any family function or public event. 

School Assemblies & Library Show

Chris Lopez presents “Read for the Win” an educational reading magic show. This 45-minute show educates children about the importance of reading using magic as a tool. Using magic, he demonstrates how reading can trigger ones imagination and bring books to life. He also shares an easy to remember acronym his teacher taught him, R.E.A.D. = Read, Everyday, And Discover.

Sharing his experience as a child who had trouble reading, Chris explains that visiting a library and discovering a book on magic motivated him to want to read. He would practice every day reading the magic book and practicing what he read. This improved his memory, comprehension, and imagination, which in turn helped make him a better and more focused student in school. It taught him the importance of studying, and the use of imagination to create original and fun routines for his magic shows.

“Read for the Win” is Chris’s most popular elementary school and library show for the past three years. This show is full of interactive magic, music, laughter, and most importantly education. This show highly inspires children to discover a book and READ.

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